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Expand Your Horizons and Climb to Higher Sales

How we complement adventures

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Free Marketing Campaigns

We design and invest in targeted digital marketing

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Immediate Revenue

Gustazos users start buying since day one

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Impulse Purchase

Limited time offers cause fear of missing out

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Upsell Strategy

Buyers end up spending more than expected

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Increase “Word of Mouth”

Provide great service and expand your client portfolio

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Seriously, You Pay Nothing

Our commission-based model drives your sales

How It Works

You Pay Nothing

  • No upfront costs.
  • Commission-based.
  • We make money when you make money.

We Promote Your Business to

  • 60K+ website visitors a day.
  • 800K+ email subscribers.
  • 1.5M+ Facebook fans.

Clients Redeem Deals

  • Promos are valid for a limited time only.
  • Gustazos sends buyers to your website or location.
  • Average redemption rate: 80-90%.

We Track Your Sales

  • 100% transparent
  • We provide trackable ROI results.
  • Sales info via G Merchant App.

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In-store sales in 24hrs for a CPG client