Who We Are

Gustazos was founded in 2011 by a young entrepreneurial team in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Gustazos HQ, LLC, operates the Gustazos Puerto Rico website and provides strategic guidance to other markets operating the brand in collaboration with Gustazos International, LLC, under the umbrella of Social Media Group.

The Team

Gustavo Villares Vaillant


Zachary Fahrer

Sales Director, Puerto Rico

Camila Calderon

Marketing Manager

Frances Baez Carrion

Regional Director, Puerto Rico
G Community Director

Kristtal Cruz

Kristtal Cruz

Logistics Manager

Jose Luis Rivera

Customer Support Manager

Orlando Rivera

Graphic Designer

Felipe Sala

Fraud Manager

Oneida Samudio

Sales Coordinator

Joyce Gonzalez

Account Executive

Melissa Ortiz

Account Executive

Sheila Fontanez

Account Executive

Ariana Bringuez

Account Executive

Maggie Montalvo

Account Executive

Gerardo Sanchez

Account Executive

Our Markets

Local Sensibilities | Global Growth

GustazosHQ operates the Gustazos® Puerto Rico website and provides guidance to Gustazos International in four other markets: Dominican Republic, Panama, Canary Islands and Jamaica. Gustazos International supports the growth of the brand in these markets, ensuring adherence to brand principles and strategies while encouraging localized strategies.

Our Locations

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