Frequently Asked Questions

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  • My business is doing well. Why should I use Gustazos?

    Gustazos specializes in maximizing opportunities and helping businesses achieve goals, even very specific goals.

    – Could your business do better?

    – Could you reach more people?

    – Make more sales?

    Increase traffic on certain days or during particular seasons?

    – Boost brand awareness?

    – Could it be top of mind among consumers?

    We say that you can accomplish more with Gustazos because, indeed, you can. If you want more, we can help you get more and do better.

  • How do the tips work for promo purchases?

    We encourage customers to tip based on the pre-discounted, original value of the transactions.

    Customers new to Gustazos may not understand this and use the discounted amount to calculate the tip.

    Your wait/service staff can suggest tips (on the bills) based on the pre-discounted transaction amount. In the end, a tip on the discounted amount is better than no tip at all. And when they come back as repeat customers, they will pay full price and tip on the full price.

  • Do Gustazos customers come back?

    We send you the buyers—many who probably would have never purchased from you without the Gustazos promo.

    If you provide good service and good products, you can turn these buyers into repeat customers and continue to generate incremental revenue.

  • What type of businesses can use Gustazos?

    All businesses.

    Anyone seeking more customers, more sales, more success and more growth can benefit from Gustazos promotions. Our service is all about strategic promos designed to deliver results.

    We offer a powerful digital media vehicle. How you use it is up to you.

  • How do I make money with Gustazos?

    Gustazos helps you sell your undersold inventory and advertise new things.

    You get massive awareness of your business thanks to our gigantic email database and huge number of website visitors.

    You make money from an immediate influx of cash from promos redeemed at your business, from selling your products and services to first-time buyers, from upselling customers (selling them additional goods or services), and from repeat business. You make money from reaching and engaging more than 850,000 Gustazos followers, fans and subscribers in a single day.

    Gustazos promotions deliver more than redeemed discounts or coupons. They put a valuable marketing and advertising platform at your fingertips that you can use to achieve measurable results. A Gustazos promotion is one of the most effective conversion drivers available.

    No other medium allows you to invest so little to reach as many people and experience immediate results.

  • What type of customer should I expect from Gustazos?

    Gustazos users are adventurous. They love trying new things and discovering their new favorite places to shop, eat, hang out, etc.

    Your Gustazos deals and promotions will attract buyers who are willing and able to purchase your products or services. Many are first-time buyers, giving you the chance to impress them, upsell them and turn them into repeat customers.

    Our clients’ repeat business shows they are satisfied with the type of customer Gustazos is sending them.


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