8 Fail-Proof Ways to Develop Repeat Business

8 Fail-Proof Ways to Develop Repeat Business
10/22/2018 Gustavo Gustazos


This is the second part of a blog post published last week entitled How to Make More Sales Without Chasing New Customers. To read part 1, go here.

How do you keep customers coming back for more? How do you make them feel like they are spending their money in the right place?

Follow these steps to ensure that your customers’ first transaction with your company isn’t the last.

1. Get It Right the First Time

Most of your new or potential customers will become repeat, loyal customers if you provide excellent service the first time they buy from you. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and quality customer service makes buyers feel valued and encourages them to become repeat customers. The better the service, the more they’ll like you and the more probable that they’ll buy from you again.

2. Follow Up

First-time buyers won’t come back if they forget about you, so you need to follow up after their first purchase without being too pushy or obnoxious.


Social media and emails are ideal for following up and keeping in touch with existing customers. Share information that is likely to be of interest to them. Send them emails about products they might like. Be there for them.

3. Use Discount Codes

Hand out, text or email a discount code after the first purchase that is specific for returning customers or second purchases. This is a simple but very effective strategy.


4. Get Personal

Don’t be afraid to be personal with your customers. They’re probably fed up with robocalls and scripted responses. Stand out by being human. Talk to them. Wait on them from time to time. Get to know their preferences. Send birthday and holiday cards. When customers see that you have their back, they’re more likely to trust you and give you their business time and time again.

5. Ask for Feedback

Set up a feedback system to find out if your customers are satisfied with their purchase and what you can do to improve their experience. Call them, send surveys or post them online, ask for suggestions, etc. You can offer rewards or extra points for providing feedback. Use that feedback wisely.

6. Reward Their Loyalty

One of the best ways to foster customer loyalty is to give them a financial incentive to come back. Rewards programs such as repeat visitor cards and point systems are an effective way of building repeat business. Consumers often can’t resist the lure of a free dinner or reward dollars they can spend on their next purchase.

7. Hire the right people

Outstanding customer service doesn’t come easy to everyone. You need front-end employees who are skilled at handling customers, especially angry ones. You also need smart and talented employees in the back in order to meet customers’ expectations. Hire the right people, then engage and retain them. Remember: unhappy employees make customers unhappy. Unhappy customers don’t come back.


8. Offer Packages and Bonuses

When you offer package deals, you give customers a reason to come back, at least until the deal is over, giving you plenty of time to wow them with excellent service and turn them into loyal customers. Another way to boost repeat business is to give your customers an unexpected bonus. For example, a hair salon can stand out from other salons by surprising customers with sample-size hair care products designed for their type of hair and styling needs.

These are just a few ways of showing your existing customers that they’re spending their money in the right place. The bottom line is simple: provide a positive, rewarding experience they will want to repeat.

Don’t forget that it’s easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers. Repeat business brings more income, more stability and more opportunities to invest in the growth for your company. Chase that.

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